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The world that you knew does not exist. Are you ready to see the next world?

It was the end.

admiralicja The first to stop working were the screens showing the deployment of fighters, which, like silver flies, swirled over the island's defensive structures. Although one could still hear the voice of Livia, commanding the Green Squadron, but the connection only worked one way. The officers, bustling around the smoking control panel, were not looking towards Admiral anymore. Hadn't it been for the crackling of the burning circuits and the wheezing of the dying monitors, the Admiralty building would have been unusual quiet. Nobody asked for further orders and no one expected them. No one responded to the next explosion. This time it was very close.

- The protective field, twenty-five percent - said with a dead voice Lieutenant Moriarty staring at the office console - No contact with the defensive group.
- They do not have anti-missiles - said the adjutant, and added - they had to bomb the building.

After this brief exchange of views, there was silence again. The Admiralty building was dying. Was there anything else to add?

zdjęcie szpiegowskie

The enemy had planned his every move perfectly. A few months ago spying balloons, scanning the movement of the allied islands' fleets, were reported. The response to the violation of the airspace was a standard one: the fleet released a few reconnaissance units. One of them never returned to the base and only the Collector ship found its remains. From the broken, charred camera brought to the Counter-intelligence Center, a frozen image was extracted: a big, shadow floating over the enemy island, - the flying fortress. The giant unit was bristling with defense batteries and was equipped with at least one heavy cannon. During scanning another image was revealed: the enhanced armor of that flying monster. But before the exact data was submitted to the Admiralty, the enemy launched a land attack with the help of over two hundred walking machines, coupled with the first wave of the air strike. At the same time, agile enemy bombers destroyed sawmills and warehouses.

This was, of course, a subterfuge. When the Admiralty, in response to the attack, launched the first squadrons of fighters, the enemy attacked with full power the only pride of the allied islands: the large caliber cannon. Although the rest of the structures survived (mainly thanks to the protective field), nobody doubted that the defeat was inevitable.

They are evacuating the Guild of Commerce - announced the adjutant. - Gaius reports that walking machines will be able to protect the evacuation of the Platform and the City for ’half the hourglass’. He’s asking for new coordinates of the meeting.
- The Platform - the Admiral said after a moment of silence. - Are the crystals loaded?
- Yes, Admiral.
- Let’s heat them up.
- Heat the crystals! - shouted the adjutant to the communicator. The confirmation was not heard, but it wasn’t really important. There was another explosion, which shattered the glass. Extinguishing systems began to howl like mad.
- We’ve got to go now, Admiral - said the adjutant.
- Begin the evacuation of the personnel - Admiral commanded. - Give the same coordinates to everybody: Platform, ’Leonardo’ Interplanetary ship. The order for all land and air force units: shield ’Leonardo’ at all costs. We set out in one hourglass.
- Yes, sir - confirmed the adjutant. He leaned over the console, running his fingers over the buttons, passing the final orders. After a moment he straightened up and looked at the Admiral. They were alone: the Admiralty building was empty.
- Let’s go - said the Admiral. When they went in the direction of the evacuation corridor, the adjutant stopped for a moment.
- Will it be the same there? Admiral ... there ...
- Each planet is different, but on each there is crystal. But this time it will be different than here - answered the Admiral. - This time we will be waiting for them.

The world that you know does not exist. 

admiralicja Everything ended on June 30, 1908 when a huge explosion struck down 40 kilometers of trees in the Siberian taiga near the Podkamennaya River, near Lake Baikal. What was initially taken for a big meteorite turned out to be the beginning of the destruction - as the last years of mankind were later called.

Who was to blame? Was it possible to stop the inevitable? We only know that the expedition to the site of the incident was sent in 1927, i.e. more than nineteen years later. It was led by Leonid Kulik of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, who believed that the Earth was struck by a large iron and nickel asteroid. Unfortunately, his theory was never verified, because the expedition never returned. However, this did not matter because people began to die.

The world, still haunted by political feuds and torn apart by World War I was not prepared for the mysterious threat from the Siberian Taiga. The first to surrender was Russia: people were dying like flies, there was no one to bury the dead. Moscow became a large graveyard, the streets were penetrated by climbing plants. The insatiable destruction soon left the borders of the country and slowly, inexorably, began to spill over all the earth. One did not have to wait for its effects: the wave of terrible blight spared no one who remained on the surface. People were hiding in caves and mines, drilling underground tunnels and locking themselves in underground catacombs. People did everything to survive.

In 1944 the TEG - Transnational Emergency Government was established. On its initiative scientific panels were set up, scattered all over the world. Their purpose was to find an antidote for this mankind-devastating disease. And then ... came the Crystal.

Only a few years after its discovery, a theory related to it was put forward. Researchers found out that in the places where the inexplicable disease had appeared, the viruses which carried the disease began to reorganize and take a concentrated form. That's how the mysterious crystal was created. Humanity breathed a sigh of relief: if the destruction had to end with creation of a new element, it was a small price to pay for mankind's survival.

Unfortunately, it was not the end. This was only the beginning.

The largest concentration of the Crystal was in Russia, and it was probably its accumulation that brought about the final catastrophe. In 1966, when puzzling, anti-gravitational properties of of the Crystal were discovered, the continents started to crack. The Crystal seemed to change the Earth, affecting its gravity.

The effects could be seen quickly. First came another flood: the Great Wave. Then the Earth slowed its course, hurricanes appeared, and the tectonic crust cracked. Temperature in many parts of the planet began to fall dramatically - in other parts - grew rapidly. The destruction quickly reached its peak: the survived remnants of mankind hid beneath the earth and the Transnational Emergency Government ceased to exist. The planet formerly known as the Earth changed into the Planet Archipelago.

That's how over 500 hundred years have passed.

Surviving remnants of mankind, hidden underground and avoiding the still existing centers of the mysterious plague moved to the phase of civilizational regression. The greatest discoveries of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century were forgotten. The few in the islands' undergrounds, once the fragments of continents and cities, spoke about the immensity of the waters, the glittering Crystal and the ruins of an ancient civilization inhabited by ancient gods: wicked Tsars through whom the destruction came, the Government of the Brave Men, whose descendants fought with the Lords of the Crystal and other minor deities, who no one remembered anymore. With time, these new gods were forgotten, and only two words were repeated: Extinction and the Crystal. It was like that until until the savior was found.

It happened at a time when mankind slowly began to go out to the islands' surface. Then, in the ruins of the insular city of the Ancients (once known as Clos Luce in ancient France), an underground hiding place was discovered, in which there were magic books of the Ancient One, called Leonardo da Vinci. The prehistoric genius proved to be the savior of mankind.

Books of this extraordinary magician, who lived long before the destruction, allowed the survivors to get out of the dark shackles of ignorance and backwardness. His formerly unknown drawings drawings inspired new researchers and scholars. The power of steam, the first pair of pistons, and even the magic of ships and flights in space over the Islands were rediscovered. With time, the scientists returned to the study of the Crystal and its enigmatic features.

In the year 1021 after the destruction (AD), mankind discovered a mysterious power of nature called electricity. Five hundred years later, its secret relationship with the Crystal was discovered - not only was it possible to strengthen it but it was also possible to create a controlled singularity (as the researchers called the limited power of Crystals, the Black Hole). It was quickly noted that the generated singularity enables hyperspace jump into the dark emptiness of the Cosmos. Many volunteers paid the ultimate price for the first attempts to break away from the old planet once called the Earth. The first interplanetary ships were constructed only five hundred years later. So, in 2009 AD mankind entered a new era: the Era of the Cosmos.

At first, many expeditions were lost forever in the abyss of the void space. With time, it was concluded that the former Earth is the only habitable planet in the galaxy. In addition, mankind did not intend at all to live in peace on the planet tormented by cataclysms. As time passed by, certain fractions were created and the threat of war hung in the air. The tension grew. At least five states claimed the right to rule the Earth: the Island Archipelago.

It was so until the time when, thanks to the research on the Crystal's energy emission, its cosmic origin was discovered. One country created in secret specialized unmanned reconnaissance ships. Their goal was to reach out to the place in the universe from which the Crystal came to the Earth. Ships moved in that direction with the help of activated jumps. Only three of them returned from the dangerous journey, bringing amazing photos and materials: images of not one planet, but an entire planet archipelago in a distant galaxy. Each of them looked like the Earth with its immensity of water and strings of islands. It was not known whether the planets were the source of the Crystal, or perhaps - like the Earth - they were its victims.

Meanwhile, the end was approaching. Apparently the last war broke out on Earth due to the Planet Archipelago. Everyone wanted to colonize new areas and acquire new raw materials. The Earth, devoid of them, was longer attractive. Interplanetary ships, giant machines generating huge singularity, were constructed in secret. There were five of them. On the eve of the war on Earth, four of them flew away. The last, fifth, ship brought the final destruction. When it exploded during the take-off, the generated Singularity could no longer be controlled. Suddenly, a growing black hole appeared. For the Earth, there was no rescue.

Meanwhile, only one interplanetary ship arrived at the Planet Archipelago. At first, it hovered like a big amoeba covered with solar sails on the planet's orbit. It stayed in the cold cosmic space for a year, scanning and examining every inch of the blue globe's surface. In the meantime, small groups of colonists landed on selected islands.

Their first expeditions reported that the planet was a beautiful, but not very hospitable place. The crystals located there generated temporary, dangerous storms, and still - as in the case of the former planet - had an impact on the shaping of its surface. It was also necessary to repel the attacks of bizarre, alien creatures - the rightful inhabitants of the First Archipelago Planet. The real problem, however, came later. As a result of an unexpected solar flare, the interplanetary ship began to descend to the surface.

The collapse of the giant construction ended mankind's dream of a new, good start. However, the first Planet of the Archipelago didn't share the fate of the Earth - the generated singularity remained closed between the crystals of the generator of intergalactic jumps.

The ship's giant shell fell on one of the largest islands, forming enormous craters and destroying all life within a radius of several miles. It remained there like a memento of the destruction. What was once an interplanetary ship is now a great citadel in the center of a vast labyrinth of rocks, hollowed-out rivers and canyons. Only a handful of navigators survived this rocky hell, surrounded by the winds created by the unstable singularity.

Those who survived in the Citadel, lost contact with small groups of colonists who arrived in transporters. Living with the constant fear of the singularity's release, the descendants of the navigators sank in the old Citadel's materials trying to find salvation in science. Over time, their research lost its purpose and began to serve their base motives, such as the desire to dominate the first planet and obtain maximum power. This was because successive generations slowly forgot about the Earth, travel and the origin of the Citadel. Nobody watched the dangerous singularity, capable of destroying not only the First Planet, but also the entire Archipelago.

A similar fate befell the abandoned settlers. Years passed by, and they forgot their origins. Old transporters were covered with rust and fell apart, and the remnants of mankind multiplied, and, using a technology based on the Crystal, grew in strength and slowly conquered new islands. New machines were created with no understanding of many old data and designs. Over time, scientists managed to rediscover the creation of small singularities and more interplanetary ships were built. It enabled the exploration and conquest of the Planet Archipelago.

Today, the fate of mankind is in danger again. Maybe your fraction will succeed in their unification? Or maybe you will become the Planet Archipelago's autocrat, ruling your subordinates with an iron fist? You can find it out only in one way: playing TAURI WORLD.